Our copper gable vents are top notch! Often used on historic or higher end properties. Made in any size shape or style. A little more money but well worth the price. 

  We manufacture our Copper gable vents in any size so give us a call or request an online quote.

Here are some of the many benefits of copper:

1-  Copper can weather many extreme climate Conditions. From subzero winters to blazing hot summers.

2- Copper offer instant interest and curb appeal.  Through oxidation, copper form a coat of patina over time.  This can create a unique, stunning weathered look in just a few years.  Many homeowners enjoy the rustic charm of the patina finish that devolops.

3- Copper will last a long time ( well over 100 years).

4- Copper require minimal to no maintenance.


Copper 8/12 Pitch Gable Vent
sweet copper gable vent
copper 6/12 pitch triangle gable vent
16 oz copper round louver
Custom Copper Gable Vent
arch top gable vents in 16oz copper
 We also offer Coppertone Metallic Metal (looks like copper but without the expense)
 This Copper metallic finish is an option on our aluminum gable vents. Lower price than real copper plus is a low maintenance finish that gives a realistic real copper look ( it does not patina like real copper).
Copper Metallic Hinged Gable Vent for easy attic access Awesome star shaped aluminum gable vent with our Coppertone copper metallic finish. It looks like real copper but cost a lot less.coppertone metalic finish gable vents
copper metallic louvers