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  Are you looking for hard to find gable vents and attic vents? Your search is over! We manufacture gable louvers in every size and shape you can imagine and ship them right to your door. Decorative triangle gable vents in stock for immediate shipment or place a custom order today.  Please take a moment and shop through our wide selection.  
Specializing in both new construction and replacement gable end vents.  We have many years of experience and do it right. Our gable vents can be decorative (faux) or fully functional.  We have storm cover vents and cupola vents also hinged gable vents for easy attic access. Also a complete line of decorative aluminum shutters. If you can dream it, we can build it.  Easy to order, high quality made from either aluminum, steel, copper, metal, cedar or vinyl and come in over 200 colors. The sky is the limit!

  100% American made and easy to install, low maintenance and fast delivery time. Adds function and curb appeal to any home. Built in any shape, any size, any roof pitch and in virtually any color. Finding a replacement for an hundred year old house is not a problem anymore! Our aluminum gable vent is designed to resist wind driven rain and screened to keep bugs and rodents out. Ask about our "Wildlife Package" designed specifically to stop bigger critters like birds and squirrels from entering your home. Perfect designs for new construction or for your remodel.  They can easily be adapted to retro fit any situation on existing homes and improve your ventilation. Our Storm Cover unit installs over the top of your existing attic vent to add additional protection from wind driven rain sect and also give you a maintenance free finish. Attic fans can be installed behind them. Let us help you with your next project.  Excellence and precision. Every time. Every job. 

  We have been proudly servicing the construction and remodeling industry with our ventilation products since 2006. We've developed a reputation of excellent customer service to the contractor/builders and the do-it-yourselfer . Our goals is to provide superior service in supply exterior ventilation products. We maintain an extensive quality assurance program. Our sales staff and technicians are experts in their specialties. We can take on any job you have! Please call us at 208-589-4020 now for more information.
 We manufacture our gable vents in any size so give us a call or request an online quote.


*New* Our Quick Ship Aluminum Hinged Gable Vents in stock and ready to ship today! 

Our Legendary Aluminum Hinged Gable Vent Is A New Concept In Easy Attic Access!  

The New And Improved Aluminum Two Piece Triangle Gable Vent EZ SHIP 

In recent years there has been a trend away from traditional attic ventilation by many US new home builders. Wood frame homes traditionally had either gable end vents in end walls or roof vents combined with soffit vents to allow attic ventilation.  Today, many builders are leaving gable end vents off their homes and are instead relying on ridge vents only. In many other homes, vinyl siding installers are covering vents with new siding or replacing large capacity wood vents with smaller capacity vinyl molded vents. Vented ridge are good, but are they enough?  Ridge vents that are clogged with leafs, dirt, covered with snow or ice, or simply not large enough to adequately ventilate large attics will lead to condensation problems ect.  Moisture is constantly flowing upward from your living areas to the attic, If it cannot escape the attic, it will condense on the coolest surface around, the inside of the roof sheathing. Condensation on inside of roof sheathing will cause problems such as mold, mildew, and most importantly it will shorten the useful life of sheathing and shingles. In addition to moisture problems, inadequate ventilation can lead to extreme temperatures which will also cup and damage shingles, warp boards, and damage any items stored in the attic space. Adequate under eave soffit vents or continuous soffit vents are very important in supplying cool fresh air into the attic as the gable end or ridge vents exhaust the hot humid air out. Make sure your soffit vents are not blocked in anyway. Consider adding our stylish gable end vents to your attic along with ridge and soffit vents to make sure you are properly venting your attic. 

Three spoke triangle gable vent

Round top aluminum gable vent

Rectangle gable vent with deco grid bars.


16 oz Copper Arch Top Gable Louver

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Sturdy Aluminum Gable Pediments and Brackets available now! 
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