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J channel gable louver vent

1- J Channel

Used primarily to receive vinyl, steel, or aluminum siding or sometimes with fiber cement or Lp Smartside siding.

Note : on pitched triangles j channel is on the bottom only because the vent is all the way up against the soffit in the peak and the top is typically screwed on. The J channel is outside of the vent frame dimension.  

2-Back nail fin / Standard Nail fin 

To surface mount over the rough opening.  Frequently  used on New Construction brick, stone, stucco, and sometimes wood and fiber cement siding applications. The nail fin is 1" beyond the vent frame dimension and is installed before the exterior finish is applied. This nail fin will be covered by trim or the final wall finish.

Standard nail fin mounted gable louver
Gable vent front flange

3-Front Flange 

The vent body goes into the rough opening. The flange is usually 1-1/4" beyond the vent frame dimension all the way  around and sits on the outside of the wall. Silicone or chalking is used under the flange to seal it. 

Typically we recommend ordering a 1/2" smaller on the width and height than the actual rough opening dimension.

4-Block Frame / No Nail Fin ( attached with screws through the vent frame) we can provide matching colored mounting screws. Common in replacement situations like recessing into existing brick or stone openings.

Block frame or No Nail Fin gable vent


Aluminum with PVC coating

Aluminum with baked enamel coating

Copper-16 oz. (typical)

PVC coated Steel

Painted Steel

Copper Metallic Aluminum


   G90 Galvanized Steel

Bonderized Steel

Cold Rolled Steel

Mill finish Aluminum


18x16 fiberglass -charcoal colored Screen

9x9 vent mesh-poly coated charcoal colored screen

18x16 bright aluminum screen

Heavy Duty 1/8" Galvanized steel screen

Gable Vent Depth Options

Standard Depth is 1"

1-1/2", 1-5/8", 1-3/4", 2", 2-1/2" etc. available on request.

Gable Vent Cross Section

Cross Section of Aluminum Louver

 1-1/2" depth shown with perimeter wood frame.

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